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Growth Mindset




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About this training

The training programme which helps you focus on developing newly acquired knowledge and skills.

The Growth Mindset concept is the basis for the personal success and development of each one of us, both in our professional and personal lives, as well as in the different roles we undertake.

The Growth Mindset training programme aims to change the way we think and perceive challenges.

The trainees will explore the importance of effort, feedback and encouragement and learn how difficulties and mistakes are transformed into resilience. Success in any professional and personal activity, can be strongly influenced by one’s way of thinking and mentality.

Based on the theory of Carol Dweck, who first introduced the term Growth Mindset, the programme considers two initial options: the first, is to prove that we have the intelligence and talent. The second, is to define success through self-development.

Through interactive and experiential exercises, participants will discover the motivation behind choosing the path of development. They get in touch with themes such as the power of “not yet!”, the questioning of “What would I do differently next time?”, and the curiosity that acts as a force to get us out of our comfort zone.

The Growth Mindset training programme develops competent and independent learners, improves their mindset and metacognitive ability, redefines the term “failure” and enhances perseverance and resilience.

Learning Objectives

  • Meet up & Mindset Check Up
  • New insights, different approach
  • The Learning Process
  • Intelligence and Neuroplasticity
  • What is Growth Mindset
  • Differences between Fixed & Fixed Mindset
  • Characteristics of Growth Mindset
  • Mindset in everyday life