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Negotiation skills – Α win-win approach




16 hours / 2 days


Course: Greek

Content: English


Maximum 9


About this training

The training course which approaches negotiations in a unique way, achieving better results by building good professional relationships in the long run.

OTEAcademy is a strategical partner of Coverdale in Greece. Coverdale is considered as one of the top international counselling businesses specialised in leadership issues. OTEAcademy has adopted Coverdale’s know-how in leadership and negotiation issues and holds an experience of over 10,000 training hours in people occupying responsibility positions. The methodology and syllabus of the course derived through OTEAcademy’s  partnership with Coverdale.

“Negotiations Skills – A win-win approach” aims for the participants to acquire the basic principles of a correct and effective negotiation.

Training is based on the following principles of negotiation:

  • Separate the human factor from the subject of negotiation.
  • Focus on the interests, rather than the arguments.
  • Develop alternatives for mutual benefit.
  • Implement objective criteria.

The training method used is based upon the development of general principles of the basic negotiation which leads to fruitful and long-term professional relationships, through “learning by doing”: In small groups, the participants act out different roles in negotiating situations and analyse the process they followed within a structured and guided feedback, in order to find and discuss different practices of negotiation and their results.

Group discussions, about theoretical positioning and evaluation of the different approaches followed by each negotiating team, explore in more depth and expand the training experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Under the negotiating principles, techniques, and terms and implement them
  • Negotiations preparation
  • Develop and discuss the purposes of negotiation
  • Develop constructive arguments
  • Separate personal views from actual facts and facilitate a positive atmosphere for the negotiation
  • Recognise and study they co-negotiator’s interest and those involved in the process
  • Develop a variety of solutions along with the co-negotiator in the negotiation
  • Find creative ways to expand the application field of the negotiation
  • Completion of the negotiation with a satisfactory result for both sides (win-win)

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    Κέρδισα πάρα πολλά. Απίστευτη εμπειρία και υπέροχοι εισηγητές!

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    Experiential is a very effective learning method.