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Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Introduction

O.T.E. Educational Company S.A with the distinguishing title OTEAcademy, (TIN 099760500, Athens Tax Office for Commercial Companies, GCR No 003885601000) which have their registered offices in Marousi, 1 Spartis  & Pelika, has created the www.oteacademy.gr webpage (hereinafter the “Webpage”), in order to provide the visitors/users with information and access to its services and products. The use of www.oteacademy.gr website is governed by the present terms and conditions, which you are requested to read carefully and comply with. Any time you visit or make use of the webpage, you agree that you accept the current terms and conditions totally and with no reservations and that you fully comply with them.

In case you do not agree with and do not accept these terms and conditions, you are requested not to use the webpage.

2. Special Provisions

OTEAcademy reserves the right to modify the present Terms and Conditions at any time and with no prior warning while updating the current text with any additions or modifications. Furthermore, OTEAcademy is entitled to interrupt the operation of the Webpage without warning, temporarily or permanently, completely or partly and for any reason. In case the use of any Webpage service is subject to more specific conditions of use, these conditions are considered as a whole together with the present Terms and Conditions of use and both of them apply. In case of conflict, however, the more specific conditions of use of each service take precedence.

3. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The full content of the Webpage (the following cited as examples and not restrictively: texts, programs, source code, diagrams, illustrations, data, logos, distinctive features, product names, information, articles, trademarks etc) constitutes intellectual property belonging exclusively to OTEAcademy or to the suppliers of the content, it is regulated by the national, community and international provisions on Intellectual Property which are in force at any time, it is provided to the users for personal use and under no circumstances can it be commercially or speculatively exploited.

Any copying, reproduction, alteration, transfer, storage, dubbing, translation, republication, distribution, selling, publishing, execution, downloading, modification, transmission or any other use of the content of the Webpage in any way or by any means for commercial or other purposes, in several parts or in summary without the express prior written consent of OTEAcademy is explicitly forbidden. OTEAcademy reserves every legal or/and contractual right erga omnes besides what is explicitly referred to in the present paragraph.

All other trademarks, distinctive features, product names, company names, graphics and logos which constitute established marks and products of third-party intellectual property and appear in the Webpage, belong to their legal owners, fall under their own responsibility and their appearance in the Webpage does not constitute and should not be regarded as a transfer or granting of a licence or right for their use.

4. Obligations/Responsibility of Visitors/Users of the Website

The users/visitors accept and agree that they will make lawful and proper use of the Webpage and that they will comply with the Codes of Conduct laid down by the relevant legislation in force at any time. The visitor/user is obliged to abstain from any illegal, unfair, abusive use of the content and the services of the Webpage or any use of them employing dishonest commercial practices and they should refrain from actions and omissions which could cause failure or malfunction to it or to third parties or could affect or endanger OTEAcademy’s provision of services.

With the following cited as examples and not restrictively, the users/visitors agree that they will not make use of the Webpage:

  • to cause harm to any third person, either adult or minor,
  • to transmit or obtain access to content which infringes on any third person’s right or violates the law or contravenes honest commercial practices, offends third persons’ personality or/and disrupts in any way the privacy and individual and social rights of third parties,
  • to obtain access to, disseminate, process, alter and, in general, infringe on the users’ or third parties’ personal data,
  • to mislead anyone concerning the origin of the content of oteacademy.gr, to damage OTEAcademy’s or third parties’ reputation in any way, to prevent any user/visitor from accessing www.oteacademy.gr and/or to put OTEAcademy’s network security at risk,
  • to install and promote, in any way, any kind of unsolicited or unauthorized advertisement or unsolicited emails (spams), chain letters, pyramid systems and any other form of unwanted content promotion as well as to install and promote advertisements without a written consent by OTEAcademy.

The user/visitor bears sole responsibility for using the Website as well as any damage which could be caused to them or to any third party as a result of the aforementioned use and also for fully compensating OTEAcademy against any claim raised by any third party out of court or/and in a judicial or any other competent authority as a result of the Webpage use.

In any case of Webpage use which is illegal or against the present terms and conditions and the legislative framework in force at any time, the visitor/user is obliged to compensate OTEAcademy for every material or/and consequential damage it could suffer from the above-mentioned actions.

5. OTEAcademy’s Obligations/Responsibility

OTEAcademy makes its best endeavour to ensure that the information, content and services available through the Webpage are characterised by clarity, accuracy, integrity and that they are constantly updated. However, OTEAcademy does not guarantee and is not responsible for any kind of damage (material, consequential, unintentional, contractual or other) could be caused to visitors/users of the Webpage or to third parties because of its use, the services available through it or/and the content and information provided on it.

OTEAcademy makes its best endeavours to ensure the good function of its Network but does not guarantee that the operation of its Webpage, servers or/and third webpages via which its content is transmitted will be uninterrupted or/and smooth, free from viruses and similar elements. Consequently, OTEAcademy is by no means responsible for any kind of damage which could be caused to visitors/users of the Webpage or to third parties and which is related to the operation of the above.

OTEAcademy explicitly states that it is not able and obliged to monitor the security and the content of webpages, however it is entitled at any time to terminate the access to any webpage if it becomes aware of any fact, which, at its discretion, is against legislation and the present conditions.

Force majeure:

OTEAcademy is by no means responsible for any violation of the present terms and conditions in cases of any random event or an event of force majeure, such as wars, riots, acts of sabotage, explosions, fires, arsons, earthquakes, strikes, actions by Greek or Community or other authorities or state telecommunication organisations, natural barriers etc.

No part of the content provided to the users/visitors of our website constitutes or, in any case, can be regarded directly or indirectly as encouragement, advice or instigation for any action or omission but, on the contrary, any action is left to the discretion of the users/visitors following an individual assessment and acting on their own will without any responsibility on the part of the Proprietor.

6. Hyperlinks to Other Websites

OTEAcademy is by no means responsible for the content/services of other websites whose hyperlinks or advertisements are provided on the Webpage, does not guarantee their availability and is not responsible for any damage which could be caused by their use, since the visitor/user obtains access to them on their sole responsibility.

7. Recording/Protection of Personal Data

OTEAcademy may keep a record of and process the personal data which users/visitors store on the Webpage, always in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU, Law 4624/2019 and, in general, the national and European legislative and regulatory framework for personal data protection which is in force. The users/visitors of the webpage recognise and accept the use of their personal data for the reasons they submit them to OTEAcademy. For further information concerning the use of personal data please read our Privacy Policy.

8. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction – Final Provisions

The current terms and conditions are governed by the provisions of the Greek Law, the Guidelines and Regulations of the European Law and the relevant International provisions, as they are in force at any time and they are interpreted in accordance with the rules of good faith, fair dealing and the financial and social purpose of the right. The invalidity of a specific term of the present Terms and Conditions does not affect the validity of the rest of the terms and automatically lapses.

Whatever failure on behalf of OTEAcademy to exercise a specific right or term resulting from the current Terms and Conditions does not constitute a waiving of this right.

The courts competent for resolving any dispute resulting from the present Terms and Conditions are the Courts of Athens.

9. Cookies

In the Webpage we use cookies, which is a kind of technology storing data in your computer by using your browser’s functionalities. Cookies by no means cause failure to the users’ computers or damage the files stored in them. The information stored in cookies is used for identification reasons. This allows us to efficiently operate the service that we offer on our Webpage and to monitor the behaviour of the Website visitors.

The www.oteacademy.gr website uses Cookies in order to provide the users/subscribers with information and to carry out the services provided through the webpage.

  • Third-party suppliers, including Google, may display company advertisements on websites on the internet.
  • Third-party suppliers, including Google, may make use of cookies in order to update, optimise and show advertisements based on a previous user’s visit to love2learn.gr website.
  • The oteacademy.gr website may also use the cookies from previous visits to its webpage for remarketing reasons.
  • The users can choose to be excluded from such cookies use by Google.

You can set your Browser to inform you every time before a cookie is downloaded so that you can decide whether to download it or to reject it. In this case, however, you should keep in mind that you may not be able to make the most of the Browser’s potential.

  • The oteacademy.grwebsite may use Google Analytics functions for promotion advertisements (e.g. remarketing, Google appearance Network reports, incorporation of the Doubleclick campaign Administrator and reports of demographic information and interests).
  • By using the advertisements Settings , the visitors can be excluded from Google Analytics for promotion advertisements and to customise the Google appearance Network.

Here you can find the available exclusion options of Google Analytics for the website.

The www.oteacademy.gr website complies with interest-based advertisement Policy of Google AdWords and sensitive categories restrictions and:

  • Uses remarketing with Google Analytics for internet advertisements
  • The oteacademy.grwebsite and third-party suppliers, including Google, use together original manufacturer’s cookie (like Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookie (like DoubleClick cookie) in order to update, optimise and show advertisements according to the previous visits of some users to its website.
  • The oteacademy.grwebsite and and third-party suppliers, including Google, use together original manufacturer’s cookie (like Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookie (like DoubleClick cookie) in order to draw up reports concerning the way in which the appearances of the advertisements of the www.oteacademy.gr website, other uses of advertisement services and the interactions with these advertisement appearances and advertisement services relate to visits to the www.oteacademy.gr website.
  • The oteacademy.grwebsite may use Google’s interest-based advertisement data or a common third party’s data (like age, gender and interests) with Google Analytics.