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OTEAcademy offers the opportunity for both synchronous and asynchronous training, fulfilling the demands of today’s world. was created on the context of this new reality and addresses firms, businesses and professionals in need of digitalizing their training programs and transforming them into online training courses.

Designing, implementing and facilitating training courses in aims for the employees to gain all benefits as if they would have in face-to-face trainings. provides opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous trainings, meeting today’s needs and demands, and offers participants simple and easy-to-use digital tools to make the most out of an in-class seminar based on the following essential pillars

  • Adjusting learning outcomes and context to digitalized learning.
  • Designing learning path and gamification to stimulate participants’ interest and motivate their engagement.
  • Methodology and tools suiting learning objectives.
  • Implement communication and feedback channels to support collaboration.
  • Trainers’ upskilling to meet synchronous training’s demands.