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Compliance with legislation in force, with the OTE Group Code of Conduct and the internal Policies is of great importance to us.

Ensuring Compliance is a priority for the Company’s Board of Directors.
Compliance stands for a solid commitment to the principles of integrity, transparency, fairness, professionalism, team spirit, and of respect for the rules; principles which are essential to govern the operation of the Group.

To that end, the Management has adopted and implemented a Compliance Management System (CMS), regarding the compliance of all (employees and management) with the legislation in force, with the Code of Conduct and with internal Policies, aiming to avoid risks and other legal consequences for the Group and its employees. In so doing, the benefit is for all: the Group per se, the employees, the customers, the suppliers and the shareholders.

The effectiveness of the CMS relies on the commitment and the support of both management and employees.

Key elements of the CMS

  • The prevention of misconduct in parallel with compliance with the policies provided for by the CMS. In this way, both the Group and its employees are protected from any legal consequences due to misconduct, while the reputational risks of the Group are reduced. Prevention is achieved mainly through:

– The employees’ training about the dangers involved by any breach of basic rules, such as those of corruption, fraud, misuse of personal data, manipulation of financial statements, leakage of confidential business information, etc.

– The channels that have been developed for the communication with employees, so that the latter can submit questions regarding the implementation of the Code of Conduct and the Policies, in case they are uncertain as to how they should handle issues that come up in their daily work.

  • The detection of compliance violations and the response to them. In order to provide the possibility of reporting any violations of Policies, regulations and of the legislation in force, the Company has established the relevant communication channels.

Guiding Principles

OTE Group, as a modern and competitive technology company, recognizes that the strong corporate culture is, not only the key to the Group’s success, but also his competitive advantage. Our culture is characterized by integrity, ethics and personal responsibility and it is reflected in our Principles, as shared values and rules of conduct that inspire Group’s employees. In this context, OTE Group has adopted the Guiding principles_EN creating “a better world, for all”.