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Data Storytelling for Business


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About this training

The fourth Masterclass of Transformation Hub which focuses on utilising data for proper business decision making.

If you are looking to Transform your department or company, OTEAcademy has designed the “Transformation Hub | The Masterclass Series”, the first complete Training Program, which addresses Business Transformation in an innovative and holistic manner covering in depth the learning demands both on a personal and professional level.

“Data Storytelling for Business” Masterclass aims at helping the participant realise the way data works and their value, in order to improve the decision making process.

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Learning Objectives

  • You develop your skills and practices that are necessary to become a successful leader of a data-driven organization and its corresponding team of people.
  • You upgrade your knowledge on how to transform insights from informative to engaging and that will inspire the whole organisation to engage, act, and decide with data.
  • You learn how to prepare data stories that everyone engages with to make decisions and act.
  • You understand how to deliver strategic advice for decisions and lead key activities informed and driven by the data.