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Scientific Engineer


Intracompany training. Upon request.






About this training

Scientific Engineer is the new OTEAcademy educational program that enhances relevant up -to- date knowledge and upgrades the role of developers and data scientists emphasizing on how they can use cutting-edge technology to extract business value | #levelupyourself

November 9 – December 17 | Virtual Live Classroom*

  • Duration : 48 hours
  • 16 virtual sessions | 3hrs/session
  • 70% hands-on practice/sessions | 30% theoretical background
  • 2 world-class lecturers
  • Specially designed e- learning platform for real time coding
  • Certification of participation

Learning Objectives

The program seeks to marry business targets with advanced analytics/ML skills. Ιn particular, Scientific Engineer is based on the following ways:

1. Problem Solving with Data Science

2. Machine Learning

3. Deep Learning

4. NLP

5. Optimization/Managerial

The main target of the program is to prepare both practitioners and businesses effectively to create or to adopt the new business plans “imposed” by disruptive technologies, such as advanced analytics, machine/deep learning and Artificial Intelligence. The Scientific Engineer constitutes the natural development of the enhanced role of developers & data scientists, which are promoted to Business Intelligence Developers & Data Analysts respectively. In this way they can contribute to the design of new business plans, to the exploitation of business opportunities as well as to guide decision makers towards critical business decisions.


Dr Konstantinos Perifanos

Director, Deep Learning, NLP, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Konstandinos Perifanos has been actively engaged in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, but he has also experience in areas as Publishing, Logistics, Retail, and Fintech recently. He has also worked as Data Scientist/Senior Manager in Pearson, Royal Mail, Sainsbury’s Argos και Oak North. His area of expertise was the realization of demand forecasting, recommendations, and pricing optimization systems.


Leonardo De Marchi

Head of Data Science & Analytics, Badoo

He has working experience as Data Scientist with companies like Manchester United, New York Knicks, JustGiving, Danske Bank, and McKinsey & Company. At the moment he is working as Head of Data Science & Analytics in Badoo, the biggest dating site in the world that amounts more than 400 million users. Moreover he is also lead instructor in which specializes in the field of education and coaching on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. He is an AI master’s degree holder and his latest book “Hands on Deep Learning” was released on May 30, 2019.

Part of the program may be hosted in the specially designed OTEAcademy halls as long as the circumstances allow it at the given time.

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