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Theme of the month: Personal Skills

01 November 2022
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Personal skills – or soft skills as they are commonly known – involve the way we work. In other words, the way we communicate, and manage time and pressure. It is our ability to solve problems and interact with other colleagues as well as the levels of empathy and leadership both at work and in our personal life.

The development of these skills leads to a better chance of going up the ladder as hiring managers are on the hunt for such qualities because they make for a successful workplace. Job candidates who have some of these skills are not only more flexible and adaptable, but they also show an eagerness to progress.

Here are a few essential personal skills in demand that every professional should develop:

Manage your time

What is your relationship with time and how do you go about managing everyday tasks successfully? Learning how to manage day-to-day tasks without stress makes for a healthy and productive working – and personal – life.

Develop your Negotiation Skills

Communication here is key. Learn to listen, plan your strategy, focus on an alternative solution and not on the position (options vs positions), listen for emotional language and keep your eyes on the prize. Sounds challenging, but like all skills it’s trainable!

Acquire a Growth Mindset

Success is defined by the way we think. How we perceive a challenge and the way we deal with it plays a major role in our subsequent success. Learn to think of your failures as important feedback, see obstacles as opportunities and you are ready for your next big step.

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Natassa Peioglou

Content Writer at OTEAcademy