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2022 Review

30 November 2022
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As another year draws to a close, it is a good opportunity to look back, ponder on the good times, and remember the people we have met and what they have taught us. Equally necessary is to reflect on what might not have gone as well as we would have liked, and what that could teach us for the year ahead.

There were many great things at OTEAcademy this year, including various training, and events. Lots of laughs and hard work from the whole team that made us better. We worked with companies from all over Greece and abroad, we were trusted by employees from different industries and speakers from every corner of the world. We learned a lot and we continue with the same enthusiasm for 2023, without forgetting what we experienced in 2022.

Our passion for knowledge drives us daily and we look forward to all that is to come, we are open to all of you, wherever you work, whatever your needs might be, doing our best for a positive experience that will build long-lasting relationships of trust under a common vision. That of personal and professional development.

“To move forward, it’s essential to look back on what we have experienced and what we have learned, with respect for the journey and faith in our strengths”


Happy December to all from the OTEAcademy team

May it be a memorable one!