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Making Things Simple!


8 hours / 1 day




About this training

The training programme that reminds us how simple life is, yet we insist on complicating it!

OTEAcademy makes use of Love2Learn® methodology for personal and group development trainings. A different approach to professional training, a blend of reasoning and emotions. Love2Learn methodology combines traditional and alternative innovative training techniques, which make Love2Learn® experience unique!

The “Making Things Simple!” workshop aims to introduce trainees to the Simplicity Mindset, focusing on how we can make our daily and our professional processes less complicated, achieving maximum innovation and efficiency.

Complexity generally disorientates people and weakens their confidence. The workshop “Making Things Simple!” aims to develop skills, establish Simplicity as a way of thinking and highlight it as a potential strategic advantage of a team or a company.

The trainees will examine case studies and scenarios in which the principle of simplicity prevails, and then practice it through role-playing.

Learning Objectives

  • Use Making Things Simple! as a Way of Thinking
  • Why is simple the best?
  • For whom should we simplify? For ourselves, our customers or both?
  • Definition and Benefits
  • The 5 principles of Simplicity Mindset
  • Complicated vs Complex Way of Thinking
  • Reasoning Process
  • Traps and How to avoid them
  • Challenges and Practical Application