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Customer Journey Mapping


Intracompany training. Upon request.


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About this training

The training course which comprises the basic tool of professional customer experience!

OTEAcademy is an active member of the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) since 2012, actively participating in every European Exchange Meeting. It employs 4 Certified Master Practitioners from Academy of Service Excellence (UK), 7 Professional Customer Experience Trainers and 2 Certified Customer Experience Professionals (CCXP).

The aim of Customer Journey Mapping is for participants to create and map the story of the customer’s experience with the brand. At a contact point between the Brand and the Customer, the experiences of the latter are ranging from 900-1.500. It’s quite difficult to capture and track all these experiences. The companies, which want to “cut in smaller bits” and “decipher” the stimuli customers receive in every interaction with the Brand, map the customer journey by “placing themselves in the customer’s shoes”.


In order to realise what the customer is feeling, we should observe his experience from his point of view.

Learning Objectives

  • Customer Journey Mapping Theory
  • Building our journey
  • Customer Journey Mapping in Action
  • Customer Journey Mapping Reflections- Empathy