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Employee wellbeing and balance at the heart of modern corporate culture

15 May 2024
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Given that our workplace environment plays a vital role in our wellbeing and towards achieving work-life balance, in recent years there has been a noticeable trend promoting the acknowledgement of their importance.

On a global level, including in Greece, leadership understands that achieving work-life balance, which promotes wellbeing, is fundamental to increasing productivity and the overall success of every business. Consequently, many companies are now taking meaningful steps to protect and enhance employee wellbeing and striking a healthy balance between professional and personal life, by adopting specific policies towards these goals.

This, in itself, constitutes a significant shift in rethinking more traditional leadership models of the past, which focused primarily on efficiency, productivity and profit. Following the contemporary “compassionate leadership” models, they use the combination of empathy and good leadership skills as their main guiding principles. As a result, a key concern of many companies today is to create a practically supportive work environment that promotes both personal and professional development.

At OTEacademy we offer a comprehensive range of training programmes throughout the year that are aimed at personal and group development, which include “Leadership by Coverdale ”, covering many of the latest leadership topics.

Especially for May, our team has designed a tailor-made programme that focuses on the needs of contemporary professionals and businesses for Cultivating Self Awareness, Resilience & Emotional Intelligence for Life Balance .

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