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Message from the OTE Group Chairman and CEO

27 March 2020
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Dear subscribers, dear friends,
Lately, we have been experiencing an unprecedented situation that has upended our priorities, needs and everyday lives. A crisis affecting everything, from our health and the health of our loved ones to our jobs and our childrens’ education. The changes we are experiencing are sudden and often unpredictable. In these difficult times, all of us, the people of OTE Groupare at your side. We are monitoring developments closely, listening to your needs and adapting our operations and actions accordingly. We are striving every day to ensure that all of you – parents, employees, students, young people, public services, educational institutions, the armed forces, law enforcement, the whole of Greek society – can go on with your lives. We are striving to ensure you can keep a window open to the world and feel safe.

Two years ago, we promised “a better world for all” through technology. At this moment, more than ever before, we realise the weight of our responsibility. Telecommunications are a vital good for everyone. They are essential for the government’s work. A ‘lifeline’ and safety net, especially for the elderly and vulnerable groups. A means for businesses to continue providing their customers with services in alternative ways. A tool for our heroic doctors. A channel for all of us to continue communicating, working, learning, entertaining ourselves in the safety of our homes. This is why the uninterrupted operation of our networks and services is of enormous importance.

Our people are ensuring this throughout Greece. From Evros to Gavdos and from Kastelorizo to Othoni, our people are on the front line. Eighty per cent of our employees are working from home. I would like to make special mention of our colleagues who, due to the nature of their work, are still ‘out there’. Field technicians, engineers, programmers, customer care and IT representatives, and the personnel in our stores, working far from the safety of their homes to provide you with solutions – at hospitals, state organisations – when these solutions cannot be provided remotely. I thank each and every one of them personally for the selflessness and professionalism they are showing. They are our heroes of our everyday lives. We are all proud of them.

National solidarity and individual responsibility are the most powerful weapons in our collective fight against the coronavirus. With all of us as partners in this effort, our country will win this battle, minimising the losses. Stay at home, stay safe. Be re-assured that, in these difficult hours, you can rely on the OTE Group.

From home, better for all.