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Pearson Vue® is one of the largest international certification providers. OTEAcademy has been a Pearson Vue® Authorized Test Center since 2008.

How you can plan your test:

  • Visit the “Pearson Vue” website, clicking on the logo below for the body you wish to be certified in (if you do not find the certifying body you are interested in on the list of logos below, please click here).
  • Create a new account or log in into your existing account.
  • Select a test code and then a test center.
  • On the calendar with the available dates and hours, select the ones you prefer.
  • Provide your credit/debit card information to be charged online for the test.

On the date of the test, we will be waiting for you, at our test center in OTEAcademy, fifteen (15) minutes prior to its scheduled start time. It is necessary to bring with you two (2) valid identification documents (both of which must be signed and one of which should include a photo). Valid identification documents are an ID card, passport, driver’s license or credit/debit card.

Our Test Center is open every Monday and Friday 10:30-16:30.