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SharePoint Hybrid Deployment and Migration


On demand

Duration: 5 days


Course Language: Greek

Content: English

  • Experience with Windows PowerShell.
  • Basic understanding of SQL Server management.
  • Basic understanding of networking, including DNS.
  • Working knowledge of windows server administration.
  • Basic understanding of Active Directory and Azure AD.
  • Basic understanding of mobile device management, and alternative operating systems (Android and macOS).

Με λίγα λόγια

The business climate has changed. People want to communicate without collaborative barriers. Businesses want solutions that are both cost-effective and flexible. Organizations start to configure hybrid environments and migrate content to the cloud as the solution.

In this course, you will learn how to deploy and configure the SharePoint Server 2019, designed to meet the demands of modern workstyles. You will also learn how to configure and manage various SharePoint service applications to prepare for a hybrid deployment. Then, you will learn how to plan and implement SharePoint hybrid scenarios that provide seamless users experience. Eventually, you will learn how to design the content migration process and available resources and tools to use while migrating content to SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365.

Audience profile
This course is designed for IT Professionals who deploy and manage SharePoint on-premises environment and are interested in deploying hybrid scenarios and migrating content to Microsoft 365.

Job role: Administrator

Skills gained

  • Describe the MinRole feature in SharePoint 2019.
  • Describe how to install and configure SharePoint 2019.
  • Describe how to implement high availability for SharePoint.
  • Provision a BDC Service Application instance.
  • Configure the Secure Store Service application.
  • Describe how to configure My Sites in SharePoint 2019.
  • Describe the available SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios.
  • Describe the requirements for SharePoint hybrid configuration.
  • Plan for SharePoint Server hybrid.
  • Plan for content migration process.
  • Describe available resources and tools to leverage during migration process.
  • Access data to be migrated using SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT).
  • Migrate content to the cloud using SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT).
  • Migrate content to the cloud using Migration Manager.
  • Migrate content to the cloud using Mover.
  • Manage and monitor migration process.

Τι θα μάθετε

  • Module 1: SharePoint infrastructure
  • Module 2: SharePoint authentication and security
  • Module 3: SharePoint content management
  • Module 4: SharePoint service applications
  • Module 5: Plan and configure Managed Metadata service
  • Module 6: Plan and configure search
  • Module 7: Overview of SharePoint hybrid scenarios
  • Module 8: Implement SharePoint hybrid scenarios
  • Module 9: Implement SharePoint hybrid search
  • Module 10: Plan content migration
  • Module 11: Migrate content to Microsoft 365