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Cisco Certified Networking Associate


200 ώρες



Προφίλ δυνητικά ωφελούμενων:

No formal prerequisites but one or more years of experience implementing and administering Cisco solutions is recommended.

Εκπαιδευτικό επίπεδο ωφελούμενων:

Απόφοιτοι τουλάχιστον Μεταδευτεροβάθμιας Εκπαίδευσης

Γνώση αγγλικής γλώσσας

Πιστοποιητικό Καλής Γνώσης Αγγλικής Γλώσσας (Β2)

Με λίγα λόγια

Σκοπός του Προγράμματος:

The CCNA—which stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate—is an entry-level information technology (IT) certification issued by networking hardware company Cisco. The CCNA is designed to validate your knowledge on fundamental networking concepts often requested in networking roles in IT positions.

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Μαθησιακά αποτελέσματα:

CCNA develops the knowledge upon what it takes to navigate the ever-changing landscape of IT. CCNA course and exam covers the needed skills upon networking fundamentals, IP services, security fundamentals, automation and programmability. Participants will be able to manage and optimize today’s most advanced networks.The CCNA training course and exam give trainees the foundation to take their career in any direction. When participants certify with Cisco, they are  living proof of the standard and rigor that businesses recognize and trust to meet and exceed market demands.

The technical skills,knowledge and abilities associated with CCNA or networking professions include the following domains:

  • Domain 1: Network Fundamentals
  • Domain 2: Network Access
  • Domain 3: IP Connectivity
  • Domain 4: IP Services
  • Domain 5: Security Fundamentals
  • Domain 6: Automation and Programmability


1η Θεματική Ενότητα: Networking Essentials

2η Θεματική Ενότητα: CCNA: Introduction to Networks

3η Θεματική Ενότητα: CCNA: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials

4η Θεματική Ενότητα: CCNA: Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation