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Oracle Database 12c: Advanced PL/SQL


Intracompany training. Upon request.


Greek – English




Basic Oracle WebLogic knowledge.

About this training

This training program is a continuation of the advanced PL / SQL program and analyzes PL / SQL applications and storage techniques that can improve performance.

OTEAcademy is an Oracle Authorized Training Partner & conducts trainings in collaboration with experienced trainers since 2008.

Aim of the program is to provide participants with the necessary skills in order to analyze PL / SQL applications, implement virtual security (VPD) security, and enhance their knowledge of SQL attacks. There will be extended to PL / SQL creation resources, linked to C and Java code for the basic management of OracleDatabase12c.

More information about this course here.

Learning Objectives

  • Write powerful PL/SQL programs.
  • Explore programming efficiency.
  • Use external C and Java routines.
  • Apply PL/SQL designing best practices.
  • Create PL/SQL applications that use collections.
  • Implement a virtual private database with fine-grained access control.
  • Write code to interface with external C and Java applications.
  • Write code to interface with large objects and use SecureFile LOBs.
  • Write and tune PL/SQL code effectively to maximize performance.
  • Gain an understanding of the Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service