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English for Administrators



Monday – Wednesday – Friday: 17:30 – 20:30

90 hours




About this training

The training course aiming to develop specialised linguistic and communicative skills.

OTEAcademy employs accomplished professional trainers, who can meet the needs for Business English, in any field of your choice. Our prime concern is your personal development, transforming any weaknesses to strengths.

Aim of the training course is for the participants -Management Assistants and Secretaries- to develop their communicative skills in the English language.

Either through role play, or workplace experiences, they will both progress in written and oral communication.

Learning Objectives

  • Basic and specialised communicative skills for management assistant and secretaries.
  • Analysis of tasks and responsibilities in the telecommunications field.
  • Preserving the conversation: a) personal meetings b) telephone communication
  • Participation in meetings and records keeping
  • Conducting efficient presentations
  • Specialised professional language and terminology: a) Financial sector b) technical sector/telecommunications
  • Mailings: a) Basic processes of delivery and reply b) composition of letters, fax, email.
  • Basic communicative skills: a) provided information, b) Fax and email
  • Orders, invoices and payments
  • Basic telephone communication: a) Connection, b) Message Keeping, c) Information search, d) Manage appointments, e) Control and confirmation
  • Dealing with complaints.