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Customer Experience in Sales



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About this training

A customer’s overall experience with a brand – positive or negative – is a major contributor to long-term loyalty and sales.
Delivering an outstanding customer experience may seem effortless.  However, in numerous respects, the involvement that a customer has with an organization surpasses the perceived worth of the product or service they acquire. The experience is completely unique to the product or service rendered, yet customers frequently scrutinize both facets when formulating their opinions on their acquisition. An effective customer experience mindset can aid organizations in comprehending their customers’ requirements, thereby boosting customer loyalty and enhancing profitability. To succeed in the B2B market, it’s essential to treat customers with care, provide quality products at competitive prices, and ensure good availability. However, many of your competitors are likely doing the same. To stand out, it’s crucial to deliver an exceptional customer experience – a challenging feat indeed.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives
  • Customer Experience in Business to Business Markets
  • Brand Loyal Customers: Ten Types of Behaviour
  • Understanding Customer Experience and Profitability
  • The Role of People & Technology in Creating Customer Experience Excellence
  • The Challenge of Continuous Improvement in B2B teams towards Customer Experience