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Business English


Intracompany training. Upon request.




About this training

The training course which sheds a new light to Business English.

OTEAcademy employs accomplished professional trainers, who can meet the needs for Business English, in any field of your choice. Our prime concern is your personal development, transforming any weaknesses to strengths.

The course aims for the participants to develop their linguistic skills, through interactive activities and actual case studies, in order to communicate effectively in English in their workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Description of assignments and responsibilities
  • Describe of the organisation structure and its partnerships
  • Arrangements and phone calls
  • Presentation of development plans
  • Mailings, references and files
  • Description of services and products
  • Participate in meetings and negotiations
  • Conducting effective presentations
  • Data, graphics and charts analysis
  • Social events and facilitate visitors
  • Basic financial transactions and service