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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning







There are no formal prerequisites.

About this training

The fifth Masterclass of Transformation Hub which focuses on emerging technologies.

If you are looking to Transform your department or company, OTEAcademy has designed the “Transformation Hub | The Masterclass Series”, the first complete Training Program, which addresses Business Transformation in an innovative and holistic manner covering in depth the learning demands both on a personal and professional level.

“Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” Masterclass aims to help implement the aforementioned in business, while taking advantage of advanced transformative technologies, in order to improve work life and retain a competitive advantage for the department or the company.

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Learning Objectives

  • What does Artificial Intelligence stand for and what value it may add to the company and its customers
  • What is feasible in Artificial Intelligence and what is not, identifying chances and risks to avoid
  • The demands in technological infrastructure, invest in human capital, organisational structure and business culture
  • Roadmap for strategic implementation of Artificial Intelligence Technologies adjusted to the department’s and company’s needs