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About this training

The training course which introduces the business dimension of analytics and their contribution to the decision-making process.

OTEAcademy organises the training course “Analytics for Business People” in partnership with SAS, in order to train executives to use data timely and correctly in the decision making process. 

The 21-hours training course aims for the participants to realise the business dimension of Analytics and how they can help modern organisations perform better and become more effective in the decision making process. The course displays practical applications of business analytics in crucial operations of modern organisations, such as Marketing, Risk Management and Operations. During the course, the participants will get the chance to exercise with important analytical techniques, and more specifically, subdivision of customer base, shopping cart analysis, predictable loss of customers, predictable creditworthiness of borrowers and foreseen demand.

Training occurs through case studies and hands-on practice in prevalent solutions of SAS’s advanced intelligence. In this way, participants understand in practice how data can be best used, in order for the executives to acquire a valuable tool which will help them in the process of decision making.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts around business analytics and the process of decision-making in basic operations of the modern organisation (Marketing, Risk Management, Operations).
  • Better understanding of the customer’s needs and deliver the right message through efficient subdivision of the customer base.
  • Improve the performance and effectiveness of the so-called “next best of offer” decisions.
  • Reduce the campaign cost, by targeting the customers which are more likely to respond positively in promotions.
  • Manage and monitor credit risk, by implementing business analytics practices to evaluate the creditworthiness of potential loan applicants .
  • Learn the process of forecasting demand and apply the so-called “demand shaping” using modelling techniques for promotions and improving pricing policy through scenarios.
  • Realise that the skills required to forecast demand are not some kind of art, but the whole gist lies in business analytics and knowledge of the relevant business department.
  • Evaluate the use of “State of the Art” Software of business analytics of SAS (Enterprise Miner, Forecast Server, Enterprise Guide).