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About time…

01 April 2022
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A long time ago, a solar clock was found with these 3 Latin words on it.


Utere, non numera. Use (time), don’t count it.

Much has been written about time by important, enlightened people. Time is a constant preoccupation of man, a fact particularly evident in the arts.


Important books about time

From the very literal and scientific book by Stephen Hawking (Transworld Publishers Ltd, 2011):

To Marcel Proust’s 7-volume masterpiece, (ΗΡΙΔΑΝΟΣ ed.) which took him almost 14 years to complete:


From Books to Art

 The Persistence of Memory (1931, La persistència de la memòria, MoMA, NY) by Salvador Dali, on the decay of time:

In Run Lola Run, (dir. Tom Tykwer, 1998) the leading lady runs again and again to correct the mistakes of her previous attempts.

This month is dedicated to time. We will try to make the best of it, without forgetting to let some of it pass with tranquility and mindfulness.

Utere, non numera…

Natassa Peioglou

Content Writer @OTEAcademy