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Summer Holidays

01 August 2022
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The beginning

Soaring temperatures during the summer months had a lot to do with the beginning of time off for the summer holidays. People staying home to avoid long, hot days instead of commuting like the rest of the year started being normal around the beginning of the last century.

Some history

In the Industrial Age, the conversation began about 8-hour labor, workers’ unions, and their rights slowly became a norm. In the US, middle and upper-class families took any opportunity they could find to escape the hot urban settings and spend time in the countryside which affected school attendance. Therefore, legislators had to allow children to have a break during the hot summer months with the excuse that the brain needs a break from learning.

The farm myth

There is a myth that summer holidays were established so that children could help their parents with farming but this is not true. In fact, there was less need for farming during the summer months. In 1842, New York City schools were open 248 days a year, as opposed to the 180 days a year today! Amazing, ha?

Holidays and well-being

We do not need research to tell us that taking time off, is majorly beneficial to our well-being -both mental and physical- but for the sake of being accurate and in an attempt to woo you, dear reader, have a look at the following stats.

Numbers talk

According to a study contacted by Kathryn Isham, PsyD LP who wrote an article on the importance of taking a vacation, she found out that just by planning a vacation, happiness is boosted up to 8 weeks before the trip! What is more, professionals who take time off are less likely to experience burnout and more likely to stay creative and positive during working days!

Need we say more other than enjoy some vacation time and take good care of yourselves wherever you are?

Happy holidays! You deserve it! ❤️

The OTEAcademy Team