What the CAF? Hackathon took place at OTEAcademy 22th & 23th November - OTEAcademy
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What the CAF? Hackathon took place at OTEAcademy 22th & 23th November

24 November 2022
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It takes technical knowledge, great preparation, and passion to join What the CAF? Hackathon, which Microsoft drove together with experts from 8 CEE countries in Deutsche Telekom at the OTEAcademy premises.

After going through a month of online sessions and understanding the Cloud Adoption Framework, it was time to do some hands-on work!

In this Hackathon, participants learned how to make design decisions and deploy the Azure landing zone conceptual architecture. Attendees got familiar with the design areas and design principles of Azure Landing Zones. By the end, they had grasped how to leverage the existing reference implementations as well as how to establish policy-driven governance.

Targeted Audience

This workshop was generally applicable to any technical role with responsibility or involvement in Azure projects – strengthening the CAF community in the CEE region:

  • IT Professional
  • Database Engineer
  • Application Developer or DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Solution Architect


Jonathan Vella – Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft & Microsoft coaches

More Info about Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure:

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure – Cloud Adoption Framework | Microsoft Learn